Thursday, February 3, 2011

Do you want a modern style home?

There are many people who love modern or modernist homes. But most of us who see new modern homes in magazines or on the web realize that we will never be able to afford these. They are simply too big and too high-end for the average person. But, the average person can afford a modern style home, just maybe not such an elaborate one.

An average person with an average income can have a beautiful modernist home if they stay realistic about what they want. Like with most things, making a few compromises can increase your options. A key aspect is to reduce the square footage of the home to what you really need. Keeping the footprint of the home in line frees up funds that may be needed elsewhere. Secondly, you might not be able to have all those high-end surfaces and fixtures in your home, at least initially. Opting for other, less expensive items when you build your home can greatly reduce your construction costs. Then at a later date, you can upgrade and change things as money allows.

Beyond the size of the home and the finishes, finding the right contractor is very important. Contractors and builders need to stay profitable like any other business. Since modern is most likely different from what they typically build, there is a very good chance that your contractor is going to increase his fees to ensure he can make a profit. Two ways that you can avoid paying too much is to find a contractor who is familiar with building modernist homes or one who will work on a cost plus basis. With cost plus, your contractor is ensured of making a specific profit margin over the actual cost of the home.

These are just a few things you can do to help attain your dream of a modern home. With planning, effort and perseverance, you can have the home you want and not settle for something less.

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