Friday, February 4, 2011

Stock or Custom House Plans

If you are going to build a new home, you will typically need a set of plans or construction documents to give to your builder as well as to your local building authority.

There are basically two types of residential plans you can choose from: stock house plans or custom house plans.

Stock house plans are those that have been previously created and readied for sale whereas custom house plans are created specifically for you and your needs. You can acquire stock house plans from plan books or from internet based plan providers. Some stock plan providers will make minor modifications to their stock plans as part of their purchase agreement or for an additional fee.
Stock plans are pretty straightforward; they are what they are and have not been specifically designed for the needs of your family or your building site. But, they cost less than having custom plans created and they are typically available immediately. And, there are thousands of these pre-configured designs available today. The cost of stock house plans typically ranges from a low of $500 to as high as $5000 with the majority costing around $1000.

Custom home plans on the other hand are created specifically for you and your needs. With custom plan, you will typically spend time with the designer discussing what you want, what your budget is, where you will be building and many, many other details. Your designer can then begin to create a custom plan based on your needs and desires. This takes time and typically costs more than purchasing stock house plans. Typical custom house plans range from around $1000 or $2000 to $5000 or more. Some designers or architects may offer to create the plans and oversee construction of the home for a percentage of the total cost.

My main focus is modernist home plans. You can see my stock plan offerings on my web site:

There are a number of other designers and architects that offer modern, stock house plans. Some of these will customize their stock plans or design custom house plans. Each has their own unique style as well as price range. Below are links to some other modern design providers, Enjoy.

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