Monday, March 14, 2011

Modern ICF house design

We recently received a picture of one of our projects under construction in Vancouver, BC. It is a modern style house being constructed with LOGIX ICFs (insulated concrete forms).

This modern home was designed with the main residence on the upper floor with a rental apartment below. This home utilizes ICFs for the exterior walls and conventional framing for the interior walls and roof. The large center shed roof is carried by 3 large, exposed glulam beams. The main living area beneath the shed roof is large and open with windows on the south side to bring in ample light. The main living area opens onto a large, partially cover deck. One unique feature of this design is how the glulam beams are carried well beyond the south exterior wall over the deck to provide shading as well as a sheltered area.

ICFs offer several advantages over other building materials. These advantages include high energy efficiency, high sound absorption, very low air infiltration and a structure that is stronger than can be achieved with lesser building materials. To learn more about ICFs, you can visit the LOGIX home page at

You can learn more about this home by visiting the Samson project page here,  You can see some of our other current projects by visiting our projects page here,  We hope to have more pictures of the Samson project soon.

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