Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Designs Added to Stock Plans

I have added two new designs to our stock plan offerings. Both of these designs have been finished for quite a while, but I have just not made the time to get the web site updated. It takes quite a bit of time to create the graphics to put on the web site from the CAD program. If things get busy, the web site and this blog take a back seat. But, hopefully, I will have a few more stock plan designs to add in the very near future.

Here are images of the two new designs.One is a small 2 bedroom design with lots of open space and light plus a family room and bath on the lower level. The other design is larger and more elaborate with the main roof supported by 3 huge glulam beams over the living, dining and kitchen areas. There is a master suite and 2 additional bedrooms on the main floor. The lower level offers an additional bedroom and bath plus a laundry area, storage room and family room. Get more details of these new designs by visiting our Designs page: http://www.clemdesign.com/Designs.html.



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