Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My severely neglected blog........

OK, so maybe I should just kill this blog! It has only been 2 years since my last post, is that really a problem? Well, yes, yes it is! Sorry, not sure why I have neglected this for so long, but I just have. So after much thought and much angst, I have decided to make an effort to post to this blog more regularly.

That said, I plan to post about more subjects related to modern architecture, furnishings, construction, lifestyle, etc. Some topics you will see soon are about designing a retirement home and designing plans for a modern Usonian home.

I have been discussing designing and building a retirement home with a couple of my friends. My goals are a simple modern structure with a shed roof, lots of windows and a small footprint. One level, 1 bedroom, office (doubles as a 2nd bedroom), living, dining, kitchen and 2 baths. We live all have grown children and we live in tornado country, so a partial basement is part of the design. I plan to get started on this design over the winter and offer the plans for sale before too long.

My desire to offer a modern Usonian design has been rekindled by a message from a potential customer a month ago. I have long admired Wright's work, especially his Usonian designs. That said, it is probably considered a bit taboo to offer a design that mimics his Usonian works, but I believe there are people out there who deeply desire a home along those design lines, updated for modern living and who cannot afford to go to the Taliesin architects for a certified Usonian design. So, in the near future, I plan to offer a design that will be my take on the modern Usonian. Something with similar lines and look but designed for today and designed to use conventional materials.

Anyway, these are just a few thoughts on restarting my blog and some subjects of future posts. Please stay tuned.

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