Sunday, November 29, 2015

More Modern Furniture Reproductions

As I have said before, I very much enjoy a modern aesthetic in buildings as well as furniture. And like everyone else, I can't say that I like every form of modern architecture and the same goes for furniture.

When it comes to furniture, my most important requirement is that it comfortable! Form follows function. If furniture is not comfortable (in regard to any type of seating) I basically see no purpose for it. There are numerous "classic" modern furniture designs that are pretty uncomfortable to sit in for any length of time. And I know there are many people who love or desire them, but I personally cannot see any use for them, even if they do look really cool!

I have been surprised numerous times when I have encountered one of these modern classics, and I sit down and think, "Wow, this is awful!" On such design is the Womb chair. I can hear some people screaming as they read this. Blasphemy!! A few years ago when I had a chance to try out the Womb chair, I eased myself into it and just said, Uhg! It was hard and didn't support my body well. The seating position was poor also. The big pillow at the base of the back pushed me away from the back of the chair so it offered no support at all. It was just bad. Nice looking chair, but not a good seating position. But then it looks really comfortable! As I am writing this, I am thinking that the next time I see one of these, I will test it again just to be sure.

But now to the purpose of this post. I recently bought a couple reproductions of the Eames plastic armchair. No, it is not an authorized reproduction as I simply cannot justify the cost. These cost about $75 each, delivered.

I am quite pleased with the chairs. The plastic of the shell is thick and solid. I chose the dowel legs over the Eiffel chrome legs, just a personal preference. The chairs arrived well packed and padded to prevent damage. The bases came pre-assembled so all I had to do was install the four bolts and washers that attach the base to the shell. They are quite solid and comfortable to sit in. I have always like the style of these chairs and the bright green color adds to my decor.

Before I purchased them from Amazon, I read all the reviews by other consumers. The vast majority of the reviews were quite positive and that is mainly what I based my buying decision on. I intend to add my own positive review in the next few days. Of course there were a few negative reviews. But none of these were about the quality of the product. They were typically complaining about having to attach the base to the shell and how they didn't know how to install a bolt or something just as silly.

So I continue to add more modern style furniture to my home. This time it was a reproduction. But I continue to keep my eyes open for that rare, original classic piece at an estate sale or in a second hand store. Maybe someday I will get lucky!

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