Monday, January 18, 2016

Revised website published

It is something that is a bit overdue, but after much work, I have moved my website to a new software application. The app I had used in the past fit my needs fine, but technology had passed it by and it was no longer being supported by my provider. This created a situation where I could not update the site.

Moving the site required a lot of work to copy and re-link all the pages and pictures. One good thing about the process is that it allowed me to clean things up. So today I launched the new site. It is very similar to the previous one with a few changes. I still need to update the Designs and Projects pages and hope to get that done in the next few weeks.

As far as other news, I have been fairly busy with local projects, more so than has been the case in the past. I recently finished up 2 designs for local customers, have another in the works and agreed to take on another project yesterday. One of these is a contemporary earth bermed home, another is distinctly modern, and the one in the works is a Prairie Style. I will post information about the progress of these projects as it becomes available.

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