Monday, August 15, 2016

More modern furniture

I had a little spare time today so I decided to visit a local retailer that offers a selection of modern style furniture, Nebraska Furniture Mart in Kansas City, KS.

We have a few items from them in our home, the couches and coffee table in the living room and my (and everyone else's) favorite recliner in my office. Everything we have purchased from NFM has held up well and we have had no problems. The coffee table is 15 years old, the couches 12 and the recliner about 6. None of these items is showing any wear to speak of, however I find it difficult to keep our large lab off the couches. All of these items have survived our 3 children growing into young adults which says something about the durability. I am not saying NFM had much to do with the quality of the products, just that the products we have purchased there have held up well. Maybe that does say something indirectly.

I was at NFM in part just to see what they had new. I also took the opportunity to send some pics to a potential client.

There were a number of interesting pieces there, but 3 caught my eye. The first was a very cool chair that not only looked great, but was also very comfortable. The second was an interesting chair that looked good but really, was not very comfortable. And the last being a couch that I liked the look of which I would consider buying to replace my current couches that don't really need to be replaced.

Here is a pic of the chair. The style if very cool and modern. The frame looks like bent plywood with a sort of white pickled finish. It seems to be loosely modeled on the Eames lounge chair. The chair and the ottoman both had a nice cast aluminum 4 prong base. The leather was black and fairly thick. It seemed durable and was comfortable. The back reclined with the use of a cast aluminum lever on the right side. The head rest articulated and locked in to one of 3 positions. I am 6'-1' and it is difficult to find chairs that I can nap in and have my head supported. This chair is large enough to suit me. I like this chair enough to drag my wife there to see if she likes it too. I could not find the manufacturer name on it, I will have to look again. This chair was $800

The other chair simply looked modern and was sort of a Egg chair knockoff. It looked nice, but really it was not all that comfortable. This chair was $400.

And finally there is the couch. I like the style and the leather. Soft and comfortable. The back rests hinged down to lay flat giving the couch a lower profile, but hinge up to provide support for lounging. Hopefully this mechanism will be durable and last. The couch cost about $1000.

I know these are not any of the classic modern furniture designs that many of us tend to lust for. But as I have said in previous posts, the classic designs are simply out of my budget and I suspect they are too expensive for most other people too. I still require a sleek modern style to use and decorate my home, but on a more modest budget.

I had not really gone to NFM to buy anything, but there may be some very serious consideration given to the reclining chair.

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